Let the Live Music Live On!

As SXSW 2016 came to a close, there was a feeling that came in like a wind. The music had left Central Texas, and despite the exhaustion, there was a hunger for something more. Something had awakened a desire to hear more of the world. Perhaps it was the “Sounds From Spain” evening show; or the “SXAméricas” sessions and showcases; or even the “Casa Mexico” and its takeover of the Mexican American Cultural Center during the whole of SXSW. Whatever it is, the fever is in us, not only for live music, but for a little more flavor, a little more flair…a little more SPICE in our live music.

Which is why, like a superhero of live music, Sauce is here to save the day. With a live music revue that rivals nearly anything SXSW had to contribute, as well as a new, Latin-focused set, Sauce is performing heroic feats of fusion, faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and more dance-inspiring than a movie montage (yes, even THAT movie montage). Complete with the choreographed moves you’ve come to expect of the band’s stage presence and a horns and rhythm section that would make a Miami resident nod in approval, the show is sure to be nothing short of “en fuego.”

So, whether you’re still hungry for more after filling a fortnight with music or you just can’t get enough heat from normal live bands, check out what Sauce has to offer in the video below. Then, check the schedule or book the band and get ready for some of the best Latin-inspired music your ears have heard and legs have cut a rug to.

Feeling Saucy

Sauce3Like a radio, February 14 sends signals out that echo both before and after this date, transmitting romantic thoughts, feelings and impulses. And, if you haven’t had time or inclination to plan something that reflects that heart-shaped dated to your respective beau or long-time crush, you might want to keep up with Sauce the Band and bring that Brad or Betty to one of their raucous shows. Replete with soulful and swinging music, the band’s energy is sure to drive every wallflower to the dance floor, and inspire everyone on the dance floor to “shake a tailfeather” (or two). From classics like “Proud Mary” and “I Want You Back” to sure-fire heartwinners like “Let’s Stay Together,” Sauce can communicate all of the Valentine’s Day messages you need, whether you’re early or (God-forbid) LATE to deliver that message. And, in the meantime, whether single or not, their big band takes on modern classics like “Yeah,” “Brass Monkey,” or “Let’s Get It Started” will help everyone in the audience dance until all worries, angers and fears have been forgotten.

Keep up with their schedule online HERE, plan a dinner out on the town, and find your way to a show, to be sure to win the month of February (and maybe months beyond, should you need to)!

In the New Year, There’s Always Room for Sauce


In Austin and the rest of the music-centric State of Texas, it isn’t hard to find a band to love. Any given night, there’s any of a variety of genres on order to whet your craving for live music. But, considering how fluid modern media is, a live venue or stage isn’t the only way to interact with the band. Social media outlets, such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, have become an immediate means of access to a band, whether it is to give feedback, heap praise or generally interact with people and groups we come to appreciate.  Sometimes, these modern conversations are formal and banal, and other times, they’re with a band like Sauce.

Far from boring, Sauce’s social media presence is another facet of its performance, taking the vibrant excitement of the stage and moving it into your feed, available more readily and more often than their frequent live appearances across the state. If you’ve attended a recent Sauce performance, your smiling, laughing or dancing self might very well make it into their vibrant photos, or a more energetic video clip. Humor and a welcoming demeanor accompany Sauce’s music on stage and the same is to be expected of their online presence.

It’s surprising to see that a band made of so many characters and personalities can create a unified sound live and online – one which also manages to display the unique traits of each member. Obviously, the details of Sauce’s whereabouts are provided, as well as their verve and enthusiasm for each appearance. But it isn’t the facts and tour dates that make it exciting to follow the band in the social media universe. Like their music, it isn’t the specific notes they hit, but the overall impression they leave. This is a fun band, and they’re fun to follow, whether in person or online.

So, if you haven’t “liked,” “followed” or “‘grammed” this incredible band, make sure you do so. And if, by chance, you haven’t seen them live, make it a New Year’s resolution to do so!

A Good Band Isn’t THAT Hard to Find.

SauceImageEveryone throwing a party or event is looking for the “hook” that makes their party or event the best. There are countless ways to attempt the sort of notoriety that lives in infamy within the minds of those who attend. The goal, of course, is to have guests remark, “you had to be there,” to any who dared miss the wedding/holiday party/corporate event/celebration.

And, within those memories, as people want to create the party montage that would fit perfectly in the movie that is their lives, everyone wants to find the ideal soundtrack for the occasion. It isn’t enough to have live covers of tender tunes for that first dance or the opportunity to first ask someone to dance, but there’s a clear need for the barnburner that’s going to have the dance floor overcrowded and livelier than any dance scene put on screen.

To achieve this dream, the band on stage must have a sense of what’s working and what isn’t. It’s an art, not a formula. They have to be able to improvise if energy is too low or if the party needs a short respite. All in all, it’s a lot to ask of any group of musicians to be the ideal choice for an event, even in a city full of musicians.  

A good band, it seems, is hard to find.

But, with a resume that includes regular gigs at Cedar Street Courtyard and Speakeasy, playing backup on tour for Zac Brown Band and countless corporate, social and wedding venues across Texas, Sauce – a collaborative of dry skilled musicians in a town full of musicians – fills the bill (and the stage) without ever letting any crowd of revelers down.

The key to their success is, quite simply, their ability to become whatever band any event needs. From full-tilt rowdy house band to big band accompaniment, the players are seasoned professionals, experts in their individual contributions to the sound. But it is as a whole, when the entire band comes on stage, that the sum becomes far more than its assembled parts. Choreographed moves and playful stage interaction – both with each other and with any brave audience members – turn what could be a night with a band playing background music into one of the best live music experiences one can have.

Considering that they hail from “The Live Music Capital of the World,” such words are a bold statement, but they’re backed by players who’ve played with Willie Nelson and Stevie Wonder and have been to the White House to perform the national anthem. Their individual resumes read like a Grammy showcase, qualifying them for more than anyone could expect of a “house band.” Sauce pours every ounce of their talents (which aren’t relegated to musicianship, one might note – they’re very adept dancers) into a performance, regardless of venue. And that, in short, is what makes them the first step in planning a truly memorable event. Because, once the soundtrack is right and the band is directing the steps, everything falls into place and becomes that soft-focus magic that every event hopes to capture.

So, with Sauce still available for holiday parties and winter events, a great band is easy to find.

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event

corporate event bandAre you planning a corporate event and looking for a classy band for hire? Sadly, planning a party or event for a business can be extremely stressful because it can be difficult to ascertain which elements will combine to make it perfect. However, with insight from some of the best corporate event ideas in the world, you will soon be on your way to having a memorable party that gets you a well-deserved pat on the back. Continue reading